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Building a multicontinental infrastructure to provide information on innovation activities in manufacturing industries

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Impact investment in the
future of manufacturing

An AI-enabled global platform that guides you through the information jungle.
Quickly find and understand the most relevant data and partners, breaking
language barriers and providing actionable insight in your local language.
m_bridge will collect freely available information on innovation activities worldwide and makes it available across language barriers. In addition, m_bridge will use artificial intelligence to recognize patterns and generate proposals to support innovation processes.

m_bridge Team


Proposal-based innovation: The foundation of the m_bridge project

Fully developed new innovation methodology of Proposal-based Innovation with academic publication of fundamentals and best written references from Academia, including Prof. Henry Chesbrough, University of California, Berkeley, and 12 manufacturing companies on two continents.
Publications on Amazon (with Video of Karl Ohlberg):

Publications on Springer:

1. Innovative Technologies for Market Leadership: pp 201-231
Karl H. Ohlberg & Jose L. Salmeron : Proposal-Based Innovation: A New Approach to Opening Up the Innovation Process

2. Creating Innovation Spaces:
pp 335-351
Karl H. Ohlberg: Innovation Spaces in the Global Environment

Further references


Watch the messages from the people behind m_bridge

Christoph JACOB
Thomas LOX
Prof. Dr. Jose L. SALMERON
Prof. Dr. Helmut MERKEL
Prof. Dr. Bo QIU
Dr. Jackey YANG
Hugo LIU

Watch the messages from the people behind m_bridge in local language

Christoph JACOB (de)
Karl H. OHLBERG (de)
María LOHMEIER (de)
Thomas LOX (de)
Prof. Dr. Jose L. SALMERON (es)
Dr. Li YANG (de)
Dr. Li YANG (zh)
Prof. Dr. Helmut MERKEL (de)
Prof. Dr. Bo QIU (zh)
Dr. Jackey YANG (zh)
Hugo LIU (zh)

Special offer: m_bridge
On Demand Research in

• Healthcare
• Life Sciences
• Pharmaceuticals
• Medical Equipment
• and related industries

About m_bridge
On Demand Research


What are your benefits with m_bridge?

•    Making the innovation process more efficient
•    Mastering complexity in development processes and products
•    Accelerating development processes
•    Finding new ideas
•    Reducing development costs
•    Improving time-to-market
•    Supporting decision making
•    Reducing risks
•    Identifying international cooperation partners
•    Mastering digitization
•    Inspiration to go completely new ways

The m_bridge On Demand Research process


On Demand Research team 1


On Demand Research team 2


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Except for the fundamental scientific publications, the project is unpublished so far. Please contact us for further information.

The m_bridge project

The m_bridge project

“m_bridge will soon be a global platform specifically for manufacturers. Just as Amazon is trade with products, m_bridge will be a provider of information about innovation activities.”

Documents available for the project

• Pitch Decks in various compositions
• Presentation with 105 slides, which highlights all aspects of the project and also contains explanatory texts per slide
• Detailed financial plan and investment plan
• Market analysis/calculation of market size/segmentation (30 major economies)
• Determination/calculation of willingness to pay
• Service plans
• Various competitive analyses
• Written references from manufacturing companies as well as academia
• Additional planning documents (e.g. business processes, organizational structure, HR planning, platform comparison chart, wireframes)
• Two publications on Springer International with academic reference